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SUHV ® - Ⅰ- 010 standard plate is the patent of a super strong and durable alloy plate, with excellent formability, rigidity, beautiful appearance, high temperature resistant, antibacterial, easy to clean, ageing resistance, etc. Meet users in the design and manufacture of the largest imagination space.
Internal components of mass transportation vehicles
Diaphragm components
Large medical equipment case
Travel case
Robot shell
Outdoor book kiosks and kiosks
Bathroom, advertising, display, exhibition equipment, etc
•excellent environmental performance, heavy metal and toxic substances testing exceeding REACH and ROHS standards.
•the fire rating (flame retardancy) of the product reaches A level, and the smoke toxicity of the product is far less than the target.
•provide 2-10mm thickness customization and custom color., excellent heat resistance, resistance to high temperature 80 ℃, no deformation.
•easy processing and manufacturing using conventional methods and equipment.
•outstanding impact and fracture resistance, allowing it to extend to twice its original size at room temperature without breaking.
•beautiful, antibacterial and easy to clean.

  • Product Name: Alloy thermoplastic plate
  • Product Number: SUHV-II-010

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