Innovative Development
With the vision to become a leader in the filed of “anti-static polymer materials” and based on the grand objective to “make the country prosperous through science and technology and return to the country through industrial development”, Sanhe attaches great importance to the investment in scientific and technological innovation, scientific and technological personnel training and innovative R & D team building; our future development plan will still take the scientific and technological innovation as the core driving force for sustainable development.
Integration Development
Sanhe positively meets the “Made in China 2025” and has integrated the integration development into the “5 five-years strategic planning for the Company” and clearly put forward the proposal to fully implement the in-depth integration of industrialization and information technology and use information to enhance the production efficiency and expand sales channels and pursue for a new engine for the enterprise growth.
Harmonious Development
Sanhe always adheres to the development concept of “Harmonious nature and people create Sanhe”. It pursues for the business purpose of mutual beneficiary and win-win situation and the corporate values of sharing prosperity with employees, focuses on the long-term development and social responsibility of the enterprise and aims at meeting the corporate mission of “satisfying with customers, employees, shareholders, community and other stakeholders”.